Monday, November 22, 2010

New Aquariumist Starts

The first question you should have is how does someone find the time to start a blog...well it was perfect storm of me diving headfirst (and wallet) into having a freshwater aquarium and the fact that I am actually on vacation and have a partner who does not bury me with a honey-do-list. Thus, the perfect storm for the birth of the "New Aquariumist".

Ideally my mental vision is take with a few pairs of Angel fish with a bunch of great community fish and some healthy plants growing in the background.

My goals are simple, chronicle my adventures as I head, well dive into this. My motivation is to provide clarity in regards to the sheer dearth of confusing information available out there. You will see how I apply it to see whether it holds true or not.  I want to take you through my personal journey in order to save you some of the pain of research through an interactive blog experience of post, pictures and videos of my adventure in a 53 gallon tank.

I would look at this blog as the adventure of someone that finally has the means to have a large aquarium (53 gallons) that he always admired in the doctors office before that painful shot. An aquarium done his way with the flair of wanting fish that are interesting and beautiful combined with reasonable maintenance and cost (ex. not saltwater).  By all means this is not journey of someone who is experienced, not it is meant to help someone who is considering the hobby who wants to learn my successes and mistakes in order to make their own aquarium experience as rewarding as possible.

I welcome feedback and hope that this helps you if you are considering this hobby which is the equivalent of playing Sim City in a fish tank.


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